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    Nathan Walker

      • Name - Nathan Walker
      • Studio Name - GrassTree Recording
      • Photos of your Studio -
      • Where your studio is based - Townsville, North Queensland, Australia
      • Your Bio (Doesn't have to be long) I'm an Archaeologist by trade (working in Cultural Heritage). I have been recording since my teens and have recorded with a bunch of artists over the years - mostly friends and their bands. I'm a guitarist and singer/songwriter (That part about being a singer is debatable), I got into recording myself after a less than stellar recording experience with my band in the early 2000's - firstly with a Tascam Portastudio Mk3 four track (which I still have) then moving on to PC based recording.

      I lived out in a remote bush location for 5 years up until 2016 and while I was out there I was the roadie and live sound guy for the local band/ PA company which gave me a lot of experience in dealing with live sound and unusual live sound situation (try running a gig in a corrugated Iron Sheep pavilion used for the local town show for example). I'm at the early stages of trying to take on recording in a more serious way (hopefully taking on paying clients at some point) now that I have a permanent site and have set myself up better. I'm still at the early stages as I have only been in my current town for a short time and am still making connections in the local scene.
      • DAW of choice - Cubase Pro 10
      • Genres you primarily work with - Mostly been punk/rock/grunge, solo artists and folky type alternative
      • Favorite Plugins - Eventide SP2016 Reverb, Waves Abbey Road Tape machine and Waves Abbey Road Chambers
      • Gear List (doesn't have to be 100% complete!) - My studio pics have a pretty decent view of my gear. My setup is based around an Antelope Orion 32 (with an SSL Madi card), a 1980's Tascam M-320B analogue mixing desk and a trio of Icon QCon control units (to manage DAW control). I use Presonus Eris e66 monitors as well as some grot box type no name speakers. I have a fairly decent collection of outboaqrd which I use pretty regularly for recording and mixing duties (Focusrite ISA828 pre, Valley People 400 Channel Strip, Warm Audio WA76, Roland Space Echo RE-3, Roland DEP-5, Yamaha REV100, Lexicon LXP-15, Alesis Quadraverb, TLA Audio 2Fat Fatman, DeltaLab ADM15 Delay and a few other bits and peices. I have a pretty decent range of keys and synths - nothing mind blowing but decent) about forty guitars (some I've made myself) and about a dozen amps (marshals, fenders, epiphones Yamaha's and Vox's). I also have an ever-expanding line up of guitar pedals for use with guitars, keys and synths as wellas outboard uses. My mic collection is building slowly, some interesting vintage mics as well as a range of mics from Shure (SM7, Sm58's etc), Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and being Australian Rode. Due to space limitations (both physical storage space as well as studio volume for a drum to excite in a useful way) I have a Yamaha DTXPlorer e drum kit to allow drummers to play live with the band and we can either use software drums (Toontrack ezydrummer and superior Drummer) or go to a local amphitheater that I have access to that sounds great and has a few different spaces of different sizes.
      • What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently (full list) - A new recording PC as my current one is getting a bit long in the tooth (5+ years old), an actual Roland Space Echo, an Eventide H9000, a good Lexicon reverb (vintage PCM 60 or 70 or one of their new units), good U47 and U67 style mics, Austrian Audio OC818 mic, SE Electronics RNT Mic, Black Lion Audio Seventeen Compressor, a couple new 500 series or rack Mic Pre's (I haven't nailed down which ones as yet) and definitely more guitar pedals.
      • Instagram Link - @grasstreerecording
      • Any other cool things about your studio we should know? - It's a residential Studio in a converted space under my house, clients in the studio have access to my wood fired piazza oven 🙂

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