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    Jim Gahagan

      I have two girls that dance (jazz,tap,ballet,hiphop, name they use alot of current and classic music. 99% of the time they are edited down to 2 minutes or very close to it, for competitions. My question is, is there a protocol to edit and produce a product for them? Ie.would i have to be a member of ascap, pay royalties? I tried to search the web and found nothing on this.I edited one for one of my daughters solo. And thought i did a good job. But in the dark on this.



        I looked a bit into this a while back for an visual art collaboration when I did the sound design but had to use an existing piece of music which still had copyright. This was the UK so may not be relevant but the basics were that if you are not using it for commercial purposes or public broadcast (I assmue that the dance comps are club members etc not just open to any old passer by) then you are pretty much ok.

        Copyright law can be tricky so don't take my word for it !

        I would have thought that the competition organisers should have some guidance ?



        Cris Sabater Sabater

          As far as the UK is concerned thedove is correct, only worry about paying royalties if it is for commercial or public broadcast. This may differ in other countries though so for the States I would check to see if this differs at all just to be safe!

          Cheers mate,


          Jim Gahagan

            yeah, its kinda a closed competition. most songs are cut to a max of 3 min. per routine 5 min. max for a production piece. if you have ever seen the likes of Dance Moms.... probably not LOL its the same places. I find it a small challenge to cut a song up and make it blend in time so the dancer doesn't stumble around off time. LOL
            Thanks Guys!

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