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    Maurice Beekman

      Hi there, i'm new to produce like a pro and i am nosing around in the different sections.
      I noticed this section for collaborate on new music. I like the idea of working together on a track
      but the workflow seems a little confusing. I am wondering why you don't use Kompoz
      for sharing and collaborating? This website does have all tools to make it easy to make music
      together. you can discuss it using this forum but collaborate on Kompoz setting up a private or
      public group of people working on music.
      It's just a thought!


      Arthur Labus

        Well, there is some water flowed down the Rhine since we started the idea.
        It works fine here in forum so far, all we need are some new people (and time ...) ... but we are here to improve, so why not ?

        Thanks for sharing it, i'll check it asap. I am running some online projects and i was hoping for something better than e-mails and dropbox 🙂 Hope it is what i want 😀


        Maurice Beekman

          You're absolutely right. I like the idea of collaboration with members of the academy because Kompoz is too massive which has an impact on the quality. However working on Kompoz is really easy.
          Let me know if i can help in any way improving collaboration.



            Hi Maurice,

            Yeah I agree... I just re-read the guidelines... I don't even understand them and I've written lyrics for one collaboration and posted another of my own 😉

            We probably need to have a discussion as a community as to how we want to move forward on member collaborations.

            The simplest rule seems to be, the Original poster sets the guidelines and acts as Producer (unless they choose not to).

            ...that way members who are happy with the current set of guidelines can continue to use them.

            Buuut, maybe we need more structure than that?

            - Arthur, where is your Olly mix?! I await with anticipation!


            Maurice Beekman

              Hi Toby,

              You're probaly right. Keep it on the forum and we will figure it out!

              I don't know if i gonna make it mixing the Ollie mix in time. I did some FOH mixing with a behringer X32 and recorded the tracks. I promised the band to give them a rough mix to hear how the Live performance was.
              And i'm still not confident enough to send my mix. I just started with the academy and still viewing the video's from the start. i don't want to make errors which are covered in the video's 😉

              Give me some time and i catch on!



                It took me two months to post my first mix... Warren's great and everyone's really encouraging - I've learned so much.

                You can always just post in the feedback forum, without posting for Feedback Friday. Get feedback from other members first.

                I'm happy to have a listen. Still really learning myself.


                Tim Morris

                  I collaborate with a couple of people via dropbox, seems to work quite well.

                  Cris Sabater Sabater

                    Hi guys, I used to use Kompoz, it was cool and there were varying standards of musical abilities there. I used to mix and master songs a lot for people there as there were not too many who were into the engineering side of things. By the way I have uploaded tracks from a song I produced a few years back now called And Darkness Falls in the Collaboration section. If any of you guys want to try your hand at mixing this song please go ahead. It is a rock tune and the files are downloadable until 29th December. This is a great site and Warren is top man for me a true gentleman. Have fun guys!! 🙂

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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