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    Christopher Feeney

      Hobbyist here. Few sample songs (P.A.M.E.L.A. and Firebird Man) on SoundCloud in Fezzler61 handle.

      I've been enjoying writing original songs. I can't sing. I have a very monotone voice and not much non-pitchy range outside my speaking voice. I do use Melodyne some to help.

      Any other mixing or recording tips? I've been using reverb and delay to "mass" my boring voice somewhat. But that can get mix muddy fast. I kinds was messing today with adding a hint of tube distortion to add some character to edges.

      Anyway, just a dude in his man cave having playing and recording fun. Any advice is appreciated.


        Hey Fezzler,

        Sometimes performance can do what effects can't quite achieve. My advice to you is to pay attention to how you feel when you are singing. My theory is that someone who speaks in a monotone voice, according to Jungian types, is more a thinker than a feeler. If you become more aware of how you feel when you sing, I suspect you will become a better singer.

        Try, for example, to walk really silly and try singing. I bet you will be delighted and you voice will be more expressive. Dancing is always something fun you could try to do while you record.

        Here's a famous monty Python sketch for ideas.

        Remember to pay attention to how you feel while your walking or dancing. Have fun 🙂


        Christopher Feeney

          Ha! Love it. Used to watch MPFC in the 70s. Seriously, I hear you. I wrote an "angry" song so I tried to tap into my natural angry tone and it worked a little.

          Charles Monteiro

            hello, Bob Dylan anybody ? don't worry about it, try to do daily vocal scale exercises along with keys, or even midi i.e. write up the scale on a piano roll / score editor., then try to do some interval jumps, Learn a song you like which does not have a large range, sing along as a exercise, you will get better , I'm guessing you like Pop, its all about expression , there a many , many not so great singers out there making records and especially now in the age of Indie

            Christopher Feeney

              Thanks. I hear you. One side of me says just have fun expressing myself with the skills I'm developing. Another side puts pressure to get good enough to produce a song that more than my Ms. and instructor likes.

              Funny, I was working on an original tune I could hear in my head. But it just wasn't coming together and I was going to give up. Then my instructor ( ), "relax, make a list of what you like and don't and fix them." Well, I had no confidence this song would get better. But after two weeks of critical listening, re-tracking some stuff, shortening the song, etc. it slowing kinds came together and I was like "wow."

              Roller coaster.

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