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    Jan-Vidar Tandberg Bakke

      Hi there,

      I'm a beginner in music production. And there is a problem I'm having that I'm quite not sure how to solve.

      When I'm recording something, I want to lower the volume of the entire song and boost the volume of what I'm playing/ singing. On my Clarett 8Pre USB interface, there is only a volume switch for the entire thing. So if I try to boost it, I also boost the entire song. I have a feeling I need some buss trick or something here, but I'm not sure. Perhaps there is something really simple I'm not thinking about.

      Any tips?

      Frank Staal

        How many outputs does that Clarett have? I use A MOTU 828X going into a Presonus headphone mixer, and what I do is make a headphone mix on a bus and send that to one of the headphone outputs.


        In Short, the bus goes to "Output 3-4" (which is the first headphone on the Presonus) and I make a mix on the bus of how the listener wants it to sound.

        Wes Chilton

          I have an Apollo, but what I have is a setup both in Logic using two busses (one for the entire mix, and one for the record enabled track) which I send out of my aux monitor outputs to a Mackie headphone amp. That way my singers can control their own headphone volume, and then I can control the levels between them and the mix to their taste.

          It sounds a bit complicated, but once you have it setup you can save it into a template and recall it when you need it.

          This is a pretty cool video that has some great ideas for setting up headphone cues

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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