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    Brian Steel

      Did anyone catch Warren’s instant video (not sure what it’s called) on YouTube today on how to mix using only one reverb? To create a live studio sound, you use a delay to create predelay. Looks like the dry track or bus is duplicated and the delay is added to the duplicate track (I think @100% wet) and the duplicate track is sent (@100% I think)to the reverb fx bus. Warren said some of his friends used this technique back in the ‘70s. Has anyone tried this technique and with the ease at which we can add multiple reverbs in our DAW, is it worth the effort? It requires a lot of duplication and setting up multiple delays. I duplicated group busses but I guess you could duplicate individual tracks. I tried it today and after a lot of fader adjustments got a decent effect. Anyone have any remarks about this process?

      Mick Singer

        Hi, I've seen it (Old Reverb Trick) and instead of opening a new thread, will join with you as I believe we can both benefit from thoughts inspired by others...

        After seeing the video where Warren uses a single reverb for everything in the mix where he just adjusts pre-delay  for each instrument for 3d effect of the instruments, got me thinking of the possibility of using my favorite outboard reverb (by far... to my ears, NO plug comes close) in the same context. Perhaps having something dictating pre-delay times sit in front of the send of each instrument before hitting the Aux channel where the Bricasti resides as a HW insert, or?   Any thoughts? Thanks guys


        Jeff Werner

          I was going to try this in Harrison Mixbus by setting up three mix busses with the same reverb on them each with a different delay (close to the wall, middle distance, and far from the wall) and send groups of tracks each to one of the three reverb busses. It avoids duplicating tracks but you do have to juggle the three reverb busses and adjust all three when making changes so i guess not as elegant as what Warren was doing in the video… I assume that there’s a way in my daw to put a delay on a send to a bus and only need one reverb but I’m new to this and have not figured this out yet! This is interesting to me though, I’m usually drawn to recordings that create the natural sound of being in the room with the musicians.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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