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      I was originally an Ardour user, however when Harrison came along with Mixbus I moved first to Mixbus and then Mixbus32C. I run Mixbus32C on both Linux and Windows. Linux processing power seems so much greater than you get with Windows, however plugins on Linux are still few and far between. Harrison do provide a set of stock plugins.

      Mixbus32C v9 has only recently been released and is a huge step up from all previous versions.

      The eq has been reworked and sounds better than previous versions.

      The big changes are to the dynamics.

      Every channel and every mixbus now has a much improved compressor/limiter with manual control over attack, release and threshold. There is also a basic sidechain emphasis control, unfortuately it does not support an external sidechain.

      Every channel has an expander/gate with controllable attack/release, depth and hold values. It does have soloable sidechain eq.

      Simple saturation (on/off) is on every channel plus 2 forms of saturation on every mixbus.

      There is a new master channel compressor that works with the builtin limiter.

      The DAW remains using 32float as default (this can be changed) however gain staging is still required sending to and from plugins.

      As a DAW, it is still the closest you get to working on a big analog style console but with full automation of everything.

      MIDI handling has also improved dramatically over the years, although I would not call it perfect. It is still not as good to use as Logic.


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