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    Rich Zei

      I just bought it (existing MixBus users get it for 1/2 off).

      George Storey

        Me too. I already had the Mixbus and found it to be quite good. The 32C version is even better with a real pedigree of classic recordings such as Thriller and Queen being mixed on the board. I was blown away by how good raw drum tracks sound compared to my current Logic Pro X. The transients on the 32c are well contained and the high end is much more musical and present than Logic is. Logic is down right dull sounding in comparison. The EQ on the 32C is very musical and it doesn't take too much to get a really useful sound. I like the fact that the EQ, Compressor, and Limiter are on each channel strip to start with so you don't have to add them as plugins. They do need to do some work on how plugins are handled in that I have some that are a little clunky in manipulation. I understand that it is being worked on. The biggest thing for me is how analog it sounds from the start: I feel like I am working with tape again and cannot recommend it enough.The price is right too.

        Christopher Feeney

          I have MixBus3. MB32C seems like overkills for me.

          Home recording hobbyist here. Am I wrong to think of 32C as a bigger version of MB3? Sonically, it is different?

          I just have amassed so many DAWs. ProTools; Studio One; Cubase; REAPER; MixBus3; Abelton Live Lite; I need to focus on learning one deep.

          That said, as a home hobbyist, my greatest leaps in production and mixing has been tracking and arranging well so I don't need to use too many plug-ins, etc.

          Rich Zei

            @Christopher 32C is 2-3 steps above MB3. the EQ is far more musical, the routing is better and overall it behaves MUCH more like a real analogue console.

            I am more of a hobbyist at this stage (although moving closer to being a 'Part timer') and I found i just...'GOT' 32C faster and better than even MB3 when it came to pushing fades and twiddling knobs.

            Christopher Feeney

              Hmm. I'll revisit my decision if the discount is still available.

              Reminded of a Bob Dylan song:

              "How many DAWs must a man track on before you call him a man? The answer my friend is sitting in the mix, the answer is sitting in the mix."


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              Christopher Feeney

                Okay, I bought it. So know my question in reversed. Any reason to use MixBus3 if I have 32C?

                Adrian Ledesma

                  mb32c has better eqs than mb3. i use the 32c to mix from pro tools on all my mixing. i notice that i use a lot less plugins with the 32c and still get what i'm looking for. it's a pain in the ass to get them to talk to each other but i've gotten better at it. the 32c also has the ability to dramatically change the mixer strip size and that is good because the mb3 barely fits 8-10 strips on a 1920x1080 screen.

                  Jonathan Parker

                    Just wanted to chime in and let people know that I'm a 32C user. I switched from Studio One a few months ago. Not that I had any issues with S1, I think it's a great DAW. But I liked the idea of having the saturation and console emulation more built into the DAW without having to add it strategically and I like the idea of an analog console mixing workflow. I certainly run into the typical limitations that can be frustrating, but I think Harrison listens to their users and will address things over time and take care of us. I'm not a seasoned 32C power user yet, but definitely open to discussions and will ask questions and offer what I can to the group.


                    Rich Zei

                      not only that, but I think the limitations are good for me. it forces me to make decisions and commit to a sound.

                      for good or not.


                        hey christopher... i switched from MB to MB32C a few years ago (when they were both still at v3). i haven't touched MB since then, after i migrated sessions that were still in progress. note that sessions can migrate up to 32C, but you can't take them back once you've done that. however, the migration process does automatically save a "fork" of the session, still in the old format so you can open THAT version in MB if you need to.

                        the sound and workflow of 32C are both much better for me, so i've had no reason to look back.

                        Steven Roberts

                          MixBus 32C emulates the Harrison 32C console. It also has four band EQ and 4 extra sub groups. It's a lot more CPU intensive than their MixBus 4, however.

                          Overall, you wouldn't need as many plugins because of the channel strip EQ. MixBus 32C, definitely sounds better than MixBus 4, in my opinion. I'd say that it's more musical than MixBus 3 and 4. It has become my main DAW for mixing tracks.

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