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    Magnus Johansson

      Here´s my mix critique from Ken Lewis @ audioschoolonline.com. I said I would post my critique if my mix got to the top 15. Agree on most parts but not all.


      Magnus Johansson – Studio Warriors Top 15

      Congrats Magnus!!! Top 15 out of 281 mixes!! Here are my thoughts on your mix….
      OK, overall thoughts. Mix is a little too bright and midrangy, you’ve got a lot of energy build up in those ranges and it’s a little cutting on the ear. The mix sounds possibly a bit over compressed
      Vocals need a bit more de essing and overall your vocals and big guitar chords are too loud. If those were pulled back into perspective and your mix was a little less bright, you’d be ten fold better.

      Vox are too loud. Big gtrs are a little piercing.

      Verse vocal is a bit too loud. Pulling it back a little would help a lot of other balances.
      I think the kick is a little too clicky for a verse. It’s a bit too hard rock. Even in the hook A is a bit too clicky. Bass sounds really nice. Really well balanced exept for Lead vocal

      HOOK A (maybe it’s a matter of)

      HOOK B (touch sets me on fire)
      Big guitars are too loud and bright, really drowns out a lot of the other elements of the mix, and the vocals are too loud as well, but the guitars need to come down more than the vocals. The lower mids 400-800 just seem like not enough is going on, you’ve focusd too much of the energy in the higher freq’s

      TAG (nothing I could do)
      Feels like everything sits really nicely in this section

      I like what you are trying to do with weaving the other vocals in there but I think you needed to put them in a different sonic space. Different EQ maybe, filter them, slightly distort them. Right now they fight too much frequency wise with the LV , but cool idea! Just execute it better.
      I like the idea of chopping the vox at the end , but its too forced, again I like the idea but the execution is coming up short.

      Lead vocals too loud in whole song
      -kick is too clicky, too hard rock, snare sounds good
      -Hat is a bit low, turn it up and it will give a bit more energy
      big guitar power chords are too loud
      vocals need de essing
      overall mix is a bit too bright and cutting and lacks energy in the lower mids
      all minor things that you could easily correct, and you are well on your way. Listen on multiple different sets of speakers and make sure the mix sounds great on each one.
      Ken Lewis
      Audio School Online

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