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    Michael Brayley

      Mike Brayley
      • Home based studio
      • Guitarist and songwriter for 36 years. Self taught audio engineer, still learning everyday and PLAP is a HUGE help and blessing. I write songs with a life long friend and fellow musician. Just to old married family guys have a great time.
      • DAWs Ableton for writing and Cubase for mixing and vocal comps.
      • Hard rock / metal and cinematic orchestrations.
      • All Soundtoys and McDSP. Waves PRS amp sims.
      • Gear List: Mac mini, Focusrite 6i6. Blue and Shure mics. Akai and Alesia MIDI controllers. Yamaha SY99. Event and MB Quart monitors ( I really need new monitors,lol). Randall RM100c amp.
      • What Equipment do you have your eyes on: New powered monitors, Shure SM7b mic or a decent vocal mic. An analog channel pre, comp, eq to record with. New interface.
      • Instagram Links: @Syzygy1
      • Any other cool things about your studio we should know? I moved out of my parents basement into my own basement. LOL. At least I own it.

      Pics link:

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