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    Jonah Gogny

      Hey there!


      I have a little problem here : I'm trying to figure out how Mid/Side works. Does anyone know how you get from M/S back to L/R? If I apply treatment (let's say a fuzz) on the Sides channel, for example, how does my DAW interpret this information to get back to L/R? Obviously "just" going back to L/R isn't possible since my sides now have fuzz on them. Is there some kind of equation involving M and S to get back to L and R?




      Arthur Labus

        In genaral : yes - first comes the split, then treatment and finally joint to L/R

        now it depends: some more sophisticad plugins with M/S options are making split/joint inside the plugin.
        OR: you have to use a split insert and then joint insert. I barely remember some plugins for that and it was like there was a swith between split and joint, or similar. Or even two separate plugins.

        Hope it helps till some real pro's answers here 😉

        Jonah Gogny

          Hey Arthur!


          Thanks for the answer, I just noticed right now!  I got the answer I was looking for, by using my brain, and I believe I have found the equation to get back to L/R : if we assume Mid = L+R and Sides = L-R, then M+S = (L+R)+(L-R)=2L (so basically L) and M-S = (L+R)-(L-R)=2R (so basically R). Tadaaaaaa!


          Have a nice one!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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