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      Hello everybody! Michele Quaglio here! (an Italian in London)
      I'm not a professional musician and never been one (maybe semi-pro when I was young). However music has been in my life since I cannot remember.
      Singing had me starting this musical journey and I'm still.. in love.
      I play in 3 acts: Crown the fool (Lead Singer & Lead Guitar), The High White Clouds (Backing Vocals & Bass) and Cybergrape (acoustic duo, acoustic guitar and backing vocals).
      My studio is 3x1.3 meters now days and I have a big glass door&side (like an office) therefore the name is "Acquario Studio" (Aquarium in English...).

      As a DAW I use ProTools but I've been a Cubase User for 20+ years before moving to ProTools.
      Mac Book Pro, Zoom TAC-2R thunderbold as main audio interface and an old Tapco LINK.Firewire 4/6 for Spdif Connection
      Golden Age Pre-73 MKIII as a Preamp, DBX 166Xs Compressor.

      Too many guitars to list: Chapman RC-Ml3 as a main electric, Gibson Les Paul studio, a couple of Stratocaster (Japan & Mexico made) a couple of "fake" Telecaster.

      As a family man everything I have, in terms of gear, has been bought bit by bit and it's never been really expensive. But for me the gears is a tool. Never the less, I heavily suffer of GAS.

      A couple of pictures I took this morning can be found here (as you may noticed... I'm rebuilding the studio right now):


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