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      Yesterday I had my first experience with a mic pre. It is a Presonus tube pre. There was a very noticeable improvement in tone. I'm looking into starting a lunchbox style set of outboard gear.

      I looked at the neve and API 500 preamps, ~$1000 each. Is there a huge difference in the presonus to the $500 range, and then more improvement to the $1000 range?

      Jeff Macdonald

        You will be moving away from IC based circuits into Class A fet/tube designs with the $1000 lunchbox modules. These in my experience and in my opinion distort much better than IC based preamps. They will also be designed using circuits that have been used on the records we love, so there is a familiarity with the sound. If you are good with a soldering iron you can put together DIY kits in the 200-500 USD range that will be on par with the $1000+ pre-assembled kits as well. I think you will notice a significant increase in the quality of what you are recording when you make the jump up to a better pre.



        Chris Sweet

          If you're going 500 series definitely check out the CAPI stuff. It's got all the mojo of a vintage API console and costs about $400 a channel built. Amazing stuff.

          Warren Huart

            I'm with Chris, the CAPI pres for the money are extremely high quality! Once we have the UK Sound Mic Pre/Compressor available I will let you all know! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren


              CAPIs are cool, but if you don't have time or skills to build, then check out the Rupert Neve Designs 511. It's a heck of a pre for the money. Totally underrated. I've been using them for guitars and drums on album I'm currently working on. Been great!


                i went the solder fumes route i started building pedals and after my feet were wet i tackled mic pres and compressors

                1 side affect is how much i enjoyed it
                i think once you get some nice pres you will see your workflow speed up (easier to get sounds that are usable,,maybe more forgiving?)
                but with modern plugins im less convinced that color pre amps are as necessary as when i started

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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