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      Just saw melodyne 4 has been released, and I happened to watch an amazing video explaining some of the new features of this unique tool.

      Check it out...

      Soooo awesome. I'll be upgrading soon.


        Awesome!! I'll check it out. Have you seen the interview with creator from a few years back? Einstein stuff! ??

        Magnus Johansson

          Question is not if i should upgrade or not. More like if i will stay in editor or go for studio?

          Guido tum Suden

            Hi, I just updated and saw that until January 30th you get the update Editor to Studio 4 for the same price as Studio 3 to 4. When you have Studio 4 installed you'll automatically have the new Editor as plugin which (among other things) lists all the tracks from all instances of Melodyne without you needing to switch between the plugins.


            Magnus Johansson

              At the Celmony shop the date is 30 April. Where did you read 30 January?

              Guido tum Suden

                Oops, sorry, I fear I haven't read carefully enough. Yes, it's April.


                  I upgraded to studio. I think for the price it's definitely worth it, but the Sound Editor is really what you need to make your mind up on. If you don't want those features, then don't upgrade, if you do, then it's a no brainer. I managed to save a really poorly recorded practice that was done on a phone with the Sound Editor, it's super versitle. Before editing, you couldn't make out much of anything. I'm not saying it sounds great, but for reference, it is going to let everyone hear and remember their parts.

                  Yes, I've now seen all the videos on youtube of Peter Neubacker, my new favorite person, and if I could meet one person it would be him.

                  Rich Westphal

                    I was real lucky,, Upgraded to Editor 2 from Essentials (which comes with Studio One) in December, $199
                    Then was given the free upgrade to Editor 4, since purchased after November
                    (so, check your accounts for the free upgrade)

                    Found Editor to Studio 4 for $129...
                    Total price for Studio 4 $328,,,!!!

                    Warren Huart

                      I got a demo of it at NAMM and it's amazing! They way you can separate every harmonic element in a sound and shape it is incredible!! This tool is Brian Eno's dream! Haha Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren´╗┐

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                      Christopher Feeney

                        I have Essentials that came with Studio One. It is very easy to use and effective. Not sure what features/benefits Essential 4 offers vs earlier versions.

                        I've been tempted to go to Editor but I feel as a beginner I should continue to focus on learning basic like compression, eq, limiting, etc. before getting deep into something like that. Also, in 2016, I'm focusing on recording the best I can so I use few plug-ins.


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                        Rich Westphal

                          Well, right now it is on sale,,, Melodyne never goes on sale,,,
                          Melodyne is useful as an in the mix fix tool, but it is also a very creative tool,,,
                          I'm not a Melodyne guru, yet, but I can see from the little time I've had Studio 4, I need to have it to learn it...
                          Learning is usually by necessity,,,
                          I would say if you can swing it, save some money and grab Editor 4, it will be there when your ready and need it.

                          The Price for Studio 4 will be $900, which just gives allows working on multiple tracks all loaded at the same time.
                          You can get it for just under $600 right now,,
                          Editor 4 no upgrade is $338.49.. the upgrade from Essentials to Editor 4 is actually $3 more,,,
                          THe price for Editor 4 after sale will be $499

                          These guys are the cheapest prices I've seen so far,,, they will end sometime soon,,,
                          This is a good company, selling at prices they can not advertise, under retail price, so you need to make an account to view the prices. Just email verification process, they never bloat the inbox...


                          Like I posted above, I have a total of $323 for Studio, only because their once in 3 years sale, in December, I upgraded from Essetials to Editor for $199, the got free Editor 4 upgrade since purchase was after Nov 1st, then saw the price at the site below, for $124,,,

                          All their prices are cheaper there, even when on sale, Usually much cheaper than AudioDeluxe and Especially Vintage King for plugins,,,
                          Once in a while I find something cheaper at the manufactures site, mulit-purchase discount, but I always check, and maybe 80% of the time I'll get it from Plugin Discounts.

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                          Rich Westphal

                            Oh, and I use Studio One 3 Pro as well, ARA makes it a really smooth process,,
                            ARA integration was actually Celemony and Presonus working together to create ARA.

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