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    Magnus Johansson

      Hi Adam

      Mastering for SoundCloud. SoundCloud use a pretty low lossy bitrate. Any tips when working with such low bitrate output files? What I have found so far on the net is to 1:Leave a bit headroom for the encoder to work with and 2:narrowing the super highs. Anything else we can do to have our audio as unaltered as possible from services like SoundCloud?

      Edit: Number 3. Always upload lossless. SoundCloud always encode what it´s being fed. So uploading a mp3 will result in a double encoded mp3.


        Here's a YouTube video from 3 years ago that also touches on this topic:

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        Adam Ayan

          Hi Mange,

          Totally agreed - lowering the level into the lossy encoder is going to help,and always upload lossless if Soundcloud, or any other digital distributor, is doing the encode. I'm not sure that I agree with narrowing the super highs - I haven't seen the to be a useful strategy at this point.

          To add to that, if the digital distributor will accept 24 bit files be sure to provide them. I have found that encoding from 24 bit yields a better result every time. My hope is that all digital distributors will accept 24 bit in the future. Unfortunately that is not the case at the moment.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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