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    Derek Whitaker

      Hi Adam. It was great to hear that you like the UAD Manley plugin. I have been using the Precision EQ on my master bus for some time but I picked up the Manley to try it out.
      I was wondering if you have ever used the UAD Brainworx elysia• alpha compressor plugin and if so what you thought of it? What other software do you like for bus compression?

      Adam Ayan

        Hi Derek,

        I have never tried the Brainwork compressor - I'll have to I've to give it a shot!

        An important note on the UAD plugs - many of them band limit the frequency response when working in high res. This is really important to know. If you are working at 96kHz (88.2 as well) or higher, you are not getting the true frequency response/nyquist once you start to use some of the UAD stuff. In fact, the Massive Passive does this, so unfortunately I can not use it in hi-res sessions 🙁

        UAD claims that the processing power required for the non-linearities of the plug in models makes it impossible to code them for full bandwidth. Un-cool!


        Jared Sherman

          Wow, really interesting stuff Adam! What plugin manufacturer(s) do you tend to prefer for higher resolution masters and does your chain differ (adding some UAD plugins for example) when the master is lower resolution like 24/48? Are there other plugin developers that are offenders that you are aware of in this area like UA?

          P.S. I use Alpha Compressor (non-UAD) and it is a really great modeled plugin comp.

          Derek Whitaker

            Good to know. Thanks Adam!

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