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    Mark W. Harvey

      Hello everyone!

      Mark W. Harvey here. This is a link to some pictures of my studio:Stargazer Music & Audio

      My studio is based in Pennsylvania, USA


      I'd been a recording enthusiast for a long time. It all started with a fostex 4 track tape recorder, so I guess you know I must be getting old. I was in a few bands when I was younger and had a lot of fun. Guitar has always been my main instrument. I was married at a young age and now have four children and three grandkids. In those days I hung up playing out, and started to dabble with recording as I've always had song ideas I wanted to capture. Fast forward 34 years, and wow, look at all the technology that's available to us now!

      I've created a lot of my own music, and have tracked, recorded, and mixed a few other artists and bands even given my limited studio space. I love doing this! All my life I've worked regular jobs to make ends meet, and the music was reduced to just a serious hobby. However, with the coronavirus going on I was recently laid off. So, I decided that I'm going to try and make my hobby become my work. I'm attending Full Sail University full time for a Bachelors in music production, and really trying to hone all my skills at mixing and mastering, and making music in general.

      DAW's of choice

      I have been a long time Logic Pro user. But recently, I downloaded a trial version of Pro Tools and am really excited by its ease of editing and working with audio. All the file handling, track collaboration and Avid community seems very well thought out to. So, I decided to do their subscription, and have been using Pro Tools now. I still love Logic Pro though too. I can see uses for both.


      I like working with and creating classic rock, rock, hard rock, metal, blues and some country.

      Favorite Plugins

      I really love and use UA and waves plugins the most. A lot of cool plugins came with my Pro Tools subscription too, like the moogerfooger plugs and the pro dynamic compressors.

      Gear List

      Imac 27" (2017), UA Apollox8, UA Apollo Twin, UAD-2 Satellite Octo, Classic Fader Port, Komplete M32 Keyboard, Big Knob monitor controller, Kali LP6 monitors, Event 20/20 monitors, Logitech computer speakers,G Tech hard drives, Marshall amps, HX effects, Irig GT Stomp, Various pedals on gator pedal board, American hss ultra Stratocaster, PRS S2 custom, Ibanez Bass, Taylor acoustic, Alvarez 12 string, Warm Audio wa273eq, AT 4047 condenser, SM57, SM58, EV mics, HD pro 280 headphones.

      What equipment do you currently have you eyes on?

      I think my studio would be complete with the addition of the Dangerous Music Dbox+. Having the analog summing capabilities sounds intriguing to me. Let alone all the routing and monitoring capabilities. I would the then sell my Big Knob controller as it wouldn't be needed anymore. I'd suppose further down the road I would like to expand my mic collection too.

      Here's a link to my website if interested!

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