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    Mark Bath

      Name: Mark Bath
      Location: Bellevue, WA
      Bio: I'm a singer songwriter with a computer science background. I've been studying music production, music theory, guitar, piano, and vocal performance for the past several years. In high school I played bass guitar in a band with friends (short scale) and eight years of trumpet in band and marching band. I've been building out my home studio for a few years and learning as much as possible via many YouTube channels, recommended books, and collaborating with several studios and other musicians locally and virtually. Currently I have twenty plus songs which I hope to release over this year as I can complete them.

      DAW of Choice: ProTools
      Genres: Singer Songwriter, Pop, EDM
      Favorite Plugins: Waves, Izotope, Valhalla, Slate, Native Instruments, Bluecat, Klanghelm

      Gear List:
      SilentPC Windows 10 (32GB RAM)
      Manley Reference Cardioid
      API "The Channel Strip"
      A Designs Pacifica
      BAE 1073MPF
      Neve Portico 5043 Compressor
      Yamaha HS8 Monitors + Sub
      UAD Apollo Twin USB
      Maschine Mikro 3
      Moog Subsequent25 Synth
      Avid Artist Control Surface
      Shure SM7B, 57, KSM35
      Lexicon MX4000
      Radial Gold Digger, Cherry Picker
      Taylor T5z Pro Guitar
      Fender Blues Junior IV (Alligator Skin) Amp
      Fishman Noisebox Performance
      Line6 M9 Stompbox
      Ultimate Ears IEMs
      Shure SRH840 Headphones
      GikAcoustics acoustic panels
      LA Sound Panels gobos and bass traps
      Auralex foam and panels
      Mogami cables
      Aphex Headpod headphone amplifier

      Equipment I have my eyes on:
      Manley VoxBox
      UAD 1176LN Compressor
      UAD Teletronix LA2A Compressor
      Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Channel
      Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor w British Setting
      Moog One Synthesizer
      Audient iD44 Interface
      GikAcoustic Acoustic Panels

      Interesting Story:
      We had our house listed for sale and since I didn't know if the house would sell right away and I didn't want to put all music stuff on hold I left most of my studio up and roped off. My wife was not happy about this since she thought people would be upset about the wall treatments in this room which is supposed to be a nursery. Multiple buyers asked if they could keep the studio with the house when buying it 🙂 One who had put in an offer on the house wanted to keep all the bass trapping and wall treatments as the wife was a vocalist and wanted to do some of her own recording. So, it turns out that having a home studio can help your resale value and now my wife is happier if I upgrade my studio with something that makes it look more cool 🙂 I recommend any other home studio folks use my testimony as justification for getting new cool music stuff... cuz hey, upgrading your home studio now seems like remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms in terms of being "worth it".

      Instagram Link:

      YouTube Link:

      Studio Pictures:
      Coming soon... I need to post some pix somewhere that I can link to them. For now here is one on my Instagram:

      Studio Pic on Instagram

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      Derek Whitaker

        Love that! Hoping if I sell my house someday people will feel the same!

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