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    Magnus Emilsson


      Here's my small setup that is slowly is taking over my living room. The acoustics are not great. Neither is my mixing position but I know it, so it works ok.

      Studio Pic 1
      Studio Pic 2
      Studio Pic 3
      Studio Pic 4
      Sutdio Pic 5

      Magnus Emilsson

      Falun, Sweden

      Played piano from a very young age, started producing & composing, mainly electronic music, in 1994 and kept it up until 2004. During that time I went through 3 different studios. The first one a completely midi based setup and later on, when I started to do it full-time for a living. A full fledged recording studio with 24 channels of tape and DDA DMR12 56ch console. I recorded both local indie bands and more established bands & artists. Released quite a few EPs of my own stuff during this time and did a lot of sync music both for TV and advertising. Then for a multitude of reasons I quit music but has started again since 2017. Now trying to stretch my musical legs again.

      Ableton Live
      Apple Logic

      Mainly all the electronic genres but also acoustic pop/rock.

      Favorite Plugins
      There are many, can't chose just 2 or 3 but here we go: FabFilter Q3, Saturn, L2. Waves RBass, MV2, R-Deesser, REDD17. UAD LA-2A, 1176A, EQP-1A, Fairchild 670. Softube Harmonics, Tape. Kush Audio AR-1. Ableton Glue Compressor, Saturation, Redux.

      Gear List
      Macbook Pro
      Ableton Push 2
      Arturia Keystep
      UAudio Apollo x8
      UAudio Apollo Twin
      SSL X-Desk
      iConnectivity mio10
      Genelec 8010 & 7040
      OTO Machines BAM
      Elektron Digitone
      Elektron Digitakt
      Elektron Analog Heat MkII
      Martin D15
      Moog Sub37
      Moog Sirin
      Roland SH-01
      Roland TR-09
      Roland TB-03
      Roland SE-02
      Roland JX-03
      Korg Volca Kick
      Lewitt LCT 440 Pure x 2
      Lewitt LCT 340 x 2 (Matched pair)
      Shure SM-57 x 4
      Shure Beta58
      + a few bits and bobs more.

      The "Need" list
      500 Rack with Rupert Neve 511, 535, 542 & Elysia Karacter, xfilter for a bit more of analog processing before recording.
      UAudio Apollo x16 for more I/O.
      Genelec 8351B


      Matthew Watts

        Looks Awesome Magnus!! I would love to have my gear in the lounge... much nicer creative yet relaxing environment...but my wife would kill me!! 🙂

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