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    Anita Potter

      Version 6: I have been fighting this track since I joined the Academy over 3 years ago. Started it over twice before finally buckling down and getting it complete.

      Pretty please let me know what you think 🙂


      This is also my last Feedback Friday for awhile. I need to concentrate on completing my own productions as well as some collabs now that the nightmare that has been the past two months is over with. And just as a reminder don't let anyone intimidate you from posting a mix for Feedback Friday. Everyone here is in various stages in their journeys so don't ever...let me stress that...EVER let that hold you back. Never feel like you're not good enough and absolutely don't let ANYONE tell you you're not good enough.

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      Russell Cameron Thomas

        Hi Anita -- I think you really nailed this one.  I didn't listen to previous version so I don't know your whole journey, but this one is great.  All the parts/elements work and are well balanced.

        I have one very minor suggestion, and this may be more of a creative choice than production issue.  There is a guitar (or synth?) with heavy FX that comes in at about 1:50.  It is some nice ear candy and I would experiment with bringing that forward during that passage.  Likewise, in the big (raging!) final chorus, at about 3:30, you might experiment with bringing the lead guitar forward, so that the lead vox (belting/screaming at that point) is "fighting" with the lead guitar.


        Good stuff, and good luck with your own productions and collabs.

        Barry Caudill

          Really great! I'm especially taken with the transition from a fairly intimate sounding vocal in the beginning to the roar at the end. What specifically did you automate - if anything?


          Ken Allen

            Hi Anita,

            This one sounds killer, amazing punch and fills the soundstage perfectly. If it wer me experimenting with it, I might try to make the drums seem in a bigger space, but perhaps it would loose something in the process. Just my 2 dogecoin and may not be worth much 😉   Loved it!  Ken

            Ignasi Bocanegra

              Hi Anita,

              Just listening your mix and I really like it. Vocals are amazing and the overall sound is killer. The only suggestion I could make is that I felt the music is a little bit back from the vocals, is the feeling that I've came across after the listening.

              Overall amazing mix.



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