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      Ok, so here's the very first mix I do for this site and my first mix on this scale, so be gentle! 😀

      (only kidding, any and all feedback is much appreciated)

      I have worked along Warren's video pretty closely on this, not taking many artistic liberties and focusing on learning ths most possible along the way. So most of the differences you hear is probably due to me not being able to hear a difference between mine and Warren's work along the way.

      A couple comments:

      - I added a shimmer reverb on the verse guitar, I thought that filled it out a bit
      - I absolute love the the two clean chorus guitars, they make the chorus for me
      - Mostly done using Logic Pro X stock plugins. Exceptions are Klanghelm MJUCjr, Valhalla VintageVerb and Sonimus Britson Channel (on all channels) and Britson Buss (on all busses)

      Edit: looking forward to hearing the other mixes on here, I've been staying away from listening until I was done with mine 🙂

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      Arthur Labus

        Hi Terje !
        I am think the panning should be "better" solved at least from 0:20.
        I personally would pan it "fake stereo" or even alternating. As listener you are going to check your balance knob 🙂
        I dig the stereo width in chorus, but it may be to much spartan in verses and pre choruses.
        Unfortuntaly the drums are also right leaning - snare and hihats in particular.
        I like the kind hidden vocals from the middle of the track.
        Anyway i am think the choruses from 2:44 are to cymbals heavy or too heavy processed.
        However, this is great first mix and it takes time to become familar with all that audio tracks.
        Just details for me personally.
        Good work Terje !


          Thank you so much for listening and giving me your feedback, Arthur!

          I hear what you mean about the panning that I hadn't noticed before. The combination of the hat/snare and the one heavy guitar makes it a bit too right-leaning now that I listen to the pre chorus again. I will try and revisit that part, and I also take note of the comment that the verse might be too spartan 🙂

          Thank you again, for compliments and critique! 🙂

          Arthur Labus

            You're welcome Terje !
            With "spartan", i mean not the amount of instruments, its cool, but even the combination with right leaning panning.
            I think for such "conservative" song the snare should be in center.
            We make all mistakes and i am also glad to have so many fresh ears here to point out the "problem zones".
            It took several month until i was able to mix the academy songs, so really respect Terje !


              Great, thanks for the clarification!


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