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    Ian O'halloran

      Hi everyone,
      I'm new to this platform and forum, and also new to pro tools and mixing, and just started to watch the 'Mixing in the box' course. Its the first lesson/video I've decided to undertake and I thought it might be handy to also have the multitracks and go through it as Warren is working his way through it. The problem is I can't seem to find the multitracks for this tune (Love me I'm rich) anywhere. I was wondering if anyone can help me out and point me in the right direction where to get the multitracks?

      Thanks in advance,

      Arthur Labus

        Hi Ian,

        did you purchased the course via Pro Mix Academy ?

        Ian O'halloran

          Hi Arthur,
          I paid for a yearly subscription to producelikeapro and have access to the course via here

          Arthur Labus

            Aach, i see.
            Meanwhile it is a part of Academy.

            I can clearly see a button "Downlod the mutitracks" right below the video.
            Is it on your screen too ?

            Ian O'halloran

              Hey Arthur,
              Ah yes I spotted the multitracks just below the lesson also. I downloaded the file, but there doesn't seem to be any files that I can use for pro tools. I also noticed in the comments below the video that some people previous to me were also having trouble with the multitracks.
              I was hoping someone may have the multitracks and could maybe put a link on this forum or email them

              Arthur Labus

                Hey Ian,

                what is exactly your procedure ?
                It is usually a ZIP compressed file with all mutitracks in WAV format and also Pro Tools project.
                We are not all on Pro Tools, so most of us just import the tracks into new empty project in DAW.

                Could you be more precise ?

                Ian O'halloran

                  I'm not near my laptop at the moment, but from what you described that sounds about right with the ZIP compressed file, but minus the pro tools project.
                  If I remember right, I opened pro tools, and from there I'll locate the file I've downloaded from producelikeapro, with all the WAV files (I think they were WAV, I can't remember right now), but it won't let me access any of them. But I'm sure I didn't see any pro tools project present.

                  Later when I'm at my laptop, I'll try it again, and maybe I'll import the tracks on an empty project like you said.

                  Arthur Labus

                    OK, downloaded the ZIP.
                    It contains the WAVs in "Love Me I'm Rich [Multitracks at 65 bpms]" directory.
                    I dont mind the MacOs files under "_MACOSX" as they are kind of thumbnails for Macs.
                    They are only 120 bytes "huge"

                    You have to download the another ZIP file as well - under "Download Mixing Templates".
                    There are several Pro Tools files.

                    However, just import the WAVs into DAW is the way how you would go if you have no any template or ready project.
                    I think the learning effect is bigger when you start everything from scratch.

                    Blue (James Henley)


                      I'm replying to an old post of yours from December 20, 2018 where you were helping Ian O'halloran with the downloading of the multi-tracks for Love Me I'm Rich.

                      May I ask, do you know if the Mixing Templates download are Mac and Pro Tools specific?

                      I am all for what you said, "I think the learning effect is bigger when you start everything from scratch." That is my intention for taking this Mixing In the Box Course, but I wondering for the future.

                      Thank you for your time Arthur.

                      Arthur Labus

                        You're very welcome James !
                        I see many Templates for: Cubas, Logic, Reaper, ProTools, Reason, Samplitude, Studio One and Vagas.
                        ProTools template is for 3rd party plugins.
                        There is only one file, no further information. In this file is clearly "MAcOS" at the beginning. And i may recognize Version 11.o.2 of Pro Tools.
                        Cant say if it works on Windows and Mac.
                        I would say - download it, its all fre for PLAP members here, and just try 😀
                        This templates may vary in every course !

                        Blue (James Henley)

                          Thanks Arthur. Not sure why I had trouble getting the unzipped file open before I post to you before. I see it all now.

                          I'm using Bitwig DAW. Maybe once I learn to make templates I can help provide those for future Bitwig users.

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