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    Martin Winterstein-Smith

      Hi all,
      Here is my mixed version of Love Me I’m Rich

      I have to say Warren, I had a tremendous amount of fun with this track! Amanda’s voice is simply awesome!!! Anyway, here is very brief overview of what I did…

      I paid particular attention to the main vocal and added some delay on the end of each line of each verse. I worked on the BV’s too but found it very hard to get the right EQ I was happy with… It could be my speakers but will appreciate any comments.

      I also worked on “blending” the snare drum grace notes with the main snare (as I felt this would be much closer to what a real drummer would play). I also cleaned up the snare drum “pick up” at the end of the quiet break (leading into the rocking out section).

      I had some great fun with the playout too and added some more drums & bass stabs

      Lastly, I personally loved the synth sounds at the end so I added a sweeping EQ (from L-R) to help exaggerate (what I call) the “Alien Spaceship” sounds flying around at the very end LOL 😉

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