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    Korbinian Breu

      This is the Mix I did from love Me Im Rich. I found this Mix very very difficult as there was so much going on in the Chorus. I wanted to use all the files, make the Chorus huge and big and smashing. That was very difficult for me - I had to mix this song a few times until I was satisfied with the outcome.

      I already listened to your other mixes wich I found very very good. Let me know what I could improve here please:


      Arthur Labus

        Hi Korbi
        I am think the snare sound is little too bright (fighting with vocals) and too (sample) consistent.
        It feels like there were too much sample snare in comparison to live snare.
        Are they live drums ?
        Vocal seem to a bit too loud in first chorus, but works for me all the time except first chorus.
        Oh my God Korbi ! Bring that solo guitar upfront 😉
        I would also like to bring down some cymbals (china ?) a little.

        But hey - it's great mix Korbi. Those are comfort problems 😉


          Sounds great!

          Original touch to leave the bass out to start with! Creates a super cool contrast when they enter. It works well I think, but maybe it'd be cool to try to leave out some of the drums too or lighten them a bit there? They feel a bit thunderous on their own to me.

          I like your guitar mix in general but agree that the solo could come out a bit, especially when the vocals are very spartan at the end.

          I'm inclined to agree with Arthur about the vocal volume too.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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