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    Alan Craig

      Hello - I just downloaded the tracks for Love It Or Leave It. Some of this is new territory for me. I've been mixing for 4-5 years, but I've never mixed something with multiple kick drums and multiple snares. I'm used to people sending me tons of guitar tracks, which I will listen and decide which ones to keep.

      Can you give me an idea on how you would approach this? Are you processing each kick and snare track differently to achieve a certain result? Are you using all of them or are you muting some? Or sending them all to a kick/snare buss and processing them as a group. Thanks in advance...


        Did you watch the Mix Breakdown video for this project, Alan?

        Warren talks about the drums a bit in that video.

        I don't think there's one true answer here (either!) but one approach would be to decide on one of them as kind of your main kick sound and mix in the other ones to taste. So it would be a good idea to have a good listen through them and decide on what character you want for your kick and how the tracks together can achieve that character.

        You can also send the character you want to bring out more to a reverb aux so that tone gets emphasised in the decay.


          on the plap mixes i tend to use the real kick and snare and start with the song changes i bring in the crack of say 1 sample to poke the snare thru the chorus so i try to take aspects of different snare to change as the song changes..... or take out the metal kik when at low soft bridge part...
          i use a sample of the snare for the verb so not to get high hat in that..1 of the first things i learned here....
          i dont think there are any rules that is just how im doing it right still learning

          Len Baird

            It is time well spent to line up the phase of the kicks and snares with the overheads, or in this case, the stereo drum track. I even flip the phase to make the waveform start upwards at the beginning if it is backwards. I have a phase meter pinned to the screen while I work on the drum phase. On this song, I didn't use a couple of the kicks because they were making it less in phase no matter how I screwed with them. I do this with no effects, and I render the tracks once I have the phase how I want. I use Studio One "mixtool" to flip the phase if it needs it before rendering.
            Warren covers this in one of his public youtube videos, there is more than one way to do it. I slide the tracks and use the cursor to line them up visually after zooming way in, and in Studio One I use "data zoom", to blow up the waveforms.

            Travis Sickler

              Check out sound radix plugins! Their exceptional!

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