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    John McVicker

      I've seen so many videos that indicate a few things for target loudness.  But first question is - if I go through recent releases on SoundCloud from some artists, they are "very loud" compared the very same song presented on Spotify et al.  So, I suppose SoundCloud doesn't adjust playback loudness?

      Mastering target seems to be -9 RMS and -14 LUFS per many online resources as well as tru-peak of maybe -.3 to avoid clipping.  If I am wrong there, let me know.

      I run a mixdown through Loudness Penalty and it shows say -1.9 or so for most services.  yet an upload of the song on SoundCloud is much lower volume than other releases out there.  It's like they mix to maybe 5dB louder and just let the services knock them down.  Just looking for something of a clarification.  Or a pointer to a PLAP video covering this.  Thanks in advance.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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