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    face (chris) Janton

      I use Logic. Reasonably quick at it, but I am clearly still an intern - working my way up to reasonable skill and facility.

      I realized/discovered that there are over 1,600 commands that are considered 'keyboard commands'. What on earth are all these things?

      I have a little tool that selects one of the commands at random and prints it out. Think of it like flashcards.

      Every day I get

      Logic Pro X keyboard command
      X-Air Edit keyboard command
      Scale of the day Major and relative minor
      Oblique Strategy

      Every day I write a blog post about the Logic Pro X Keyboard Command of the day.

      If you are interested you can follow along here

      Logic Pro X Keyboard Command of the Day

      Guido tum Suden

        Hi Chris,

        That looks interesting.
        Here are my keyboard commands I use all the time, but which I had to set myself because they weren't.
        And sorry, I've got no Logic on this computer so I have to guess the terms.

        CMD-ALT-Shift-1 -> Set snap to bar
        CMD-ALT-Shift-2 -> Set snap to beat
        CMD-ALT-Shift-3 -> Set snap to division
        CMD-ALT-Shift-0 -> Set snap to samples

        While editing I constantly switch between those together with Snap to absolute or relative position and the zero crossing thingy from the same menu.


        BTW If you have questions concerning the Environment (saw on your blog), just ask. I don't use the Environment often anymore, but still have the MIDI-Instrument I use for a Drum Score I like to read.

        face (chris) Janton

          I hardly ever use *any* of the keyboard commands. If I want to figure it out I just press option-K and enter what I think I want. If I enter "snap" I can see all of the goodness.

          What I am *really* up to is trying to learn how to use my X-Touch (Mackie Control) to really take charge of Logic Pro X. I have been toying with it for almost 2 years! Finally doing a serious read of the 'Control Surfaces Support' manual. Amazing what happens if serious attention is paid to what they write.

          Pat McGhen

            Thanks for sharing this, Chris!


              This is big help!! Thanx for sharing, Chris!!

              Ales Uratnik

                Excellent, I work with Logic for 24 years and I still use like ten key commands the most... it's time to start learn.


                  I  started using X Touch, a few months ago.     Things seemed to be falling into place until I updated the software.  Now things seem to be falling apart. Lol.  It’s a great bit of kit and it’s going to be a steep learning curve for me.
                  I also use Xpen when using logic.    (Xpen is one of those drawing tablets with  pen/stylus, designed for drawing programs)    It’s a hell of a lot faster than using a mouse.   Using both the Behringer X touch & the Xpen (no relation) has helped my work flow .

                  face (chris) Janton

                    Which software update made things fall apart? I keep my Logic Pro at the bleeding edge and have seen no real change in behaviors. There hasn't been an X-Touch firmware update in forever...

                    I have been using a trackpad (Magic Trackpad) for the last 18 months. I used to love using the Magic Mouse, but all the other computers here are consistency helps. I use an iPad and an iPhone running Logic Remote to assist sometimes. I also have a keyboard placed right in front of the X-Touch - USB connected to the back. Full extended keyboard at the ready...really handy when I am trying to use the X-Touch and NOT looking at the screens - simply listen and move buttons and faders.


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