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    Jeff Macdonald


      You've mentioned a few times about obtaining a percentage of the artists, I assume Master Rights, as part of your production agreements. As well, you said that you represent those same folks when it comes to shopping their music to film/tv opportunities. I know this is a bit outside music production, but could you do some videos/blog content on how you negotiate the rights-sharing (e.g., are they non-exclusive/exclusive, exist only if you successfully place songs, etc.), as well as some of your strategies for shopping music to publishers/music supervisors. I would be very interested in learning more about this as it seems it is an excellent additional revenue stream. I currently work with 3 publishing companies that have placed a lot of my own catalogue and would love to be able to offer potential placement in libraries as an addition service/perk to clients, but am not really sure how to structure the deals and pitches.



      Jared Sherman


        Colin Kettenacker

          Plus one on this.

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