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    Walker Koldplay

      Warren - Thank you so much for keeping me inspired, informed, and entertained each week. I have a couple questions/requests, as your time permits.

      1. You have turned me onto Spectra Sonics, and I have discovered that some of my all-time favorite albums went through their consoles. Can you tell the Academy community a bit more about your pre/eq and compressor units? It appears the M-502 is about $2500, but what about the cost of the M-610?

      2. You've done some amazing interviews and studio tours with such an amazing range of people. Is there any chance you know and could interview Michael Wagener at his WireWorld Studios in Nashville? He is a classic in the 80's metal scene, and I think you would do an amazing interview.

      3. I believe I heard you said you know RoundBadge, from Gearslutz. I'm a drummer, and he has some serious clout on GS. Any chance of an interview /studio tour?

      That's it, and I hope this isn't a bother. I remain a huge fan and receptive student.

      Thank you ever so much and God bless you!

      Very respectfully,


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