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      Hi guys, "Broadway" Joe here! I tried so hard to watch this live. I have been going through the Tony Franklin session Bass course here at PLP. I have been working on "Throw it all away" Tonight I started (7-1-17) "staying up late". I missed the Live Q&A because I don't have a handle on windows 10s email client. I came to PLP by way of Scott Devine's SBL academy. I've been involved in preforming and recording music since 1975. It is how I've made a living. A good part of my work has revolved around the recording studio. As a session guy, jingle and commercial work, as an artist and songwriter, as producer/arranger, but never an engineer. I looked into a Protools rig around 1997. When I tried to buy I was told I would need a custom computer(5,000 to 10,000 dollars) to run the program. Somebody through Warner Chapel hired me for a "work for higher" film score so I bought 2 stand alone 16 track DAWs and set up shop. I was forced into retirement in 2012 due to health concerns. I couldn't play at all from 2014 until well, now. My plan is to record at home with my studio one 3.5 DAW. Sorry for the long tale. Anyway I do not know if this is the right place to ask but I missed the Q&A so here go's; 1.)I assume Warren or someone mixed these tunes. When I drag the multi tracks into the DAW, channels marked mixL&mixR have a bass part on them. Is that the part you played Tony? and are the play along tracks the same mix sans the bass tracks? 2.) Tony recorded 2 tracks, played at the same time from different outputs of his POD. So far he has not time aligned them, or checked for Phasing. Was this done in the mix? When I send out stems for clients is this something I should address? I mean is it the artists responsibility to have the phase correct? 3.)I have 2 Bass Pods. Is the only difference between them and the Pro version Tony is using the rack-mount feature? 4.) I know you guys love Fender Basses. Everybody does. I did an album as an artist at "Amigo" studios with Lee Herschberg at Warner. They tried to buy my Pbass. I can not physically play them now. I play Yamaha TRB-P 6 strings. One has frets, the other is a lined fretless. They were rebuilt for me. the fretless is more Jbass The other sounds more like a Pbass. But they are both active. Something you guys sort of disparage. But, I have to play them so my question is with the active electronics in the bass do I still have to run a preamp in front of the channel? I've a bunch but nothing is Knocking me out. 5.) Is a Focusrite Trackmaster Platinum mic-pre good for anything? 6.) A song I am working on has a bunch of fretless chords and Glisses and stuff. I'm going for "Pino" I like the idea of chorus and verb on the part. Do you guys ever go into the front of the DAW with efx? OK. I can go all night! In fact I have! This is probably the wrong place to ask anyway. But if do see this, please let me know how and where I can ask in the future. Thanks for this great course! I've been loving Tony since I saw the "Firm" at the LA Forum in 1985? It really is quite a thrill to study his process! Your Producer Pal Joseph, Cheers

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