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    Sincilious Kif
    Participant moving from non-vocal ambient to 70s-style rock song going into The Sweeney!

      Living room, Roath, Cardiff - great people pass by, a few play/sing. Collaborating with CF5's Nick Walker (The Knock) + Bobby-Jo (singer) helping voice
      Worked a little with N Shankar (Layavinyas/teacher, Kolkatta - search CF5 shankar ), co-reviewing music with cousin (of The Anydays), started learning production this year.
      (Grandfather was a proper pianist and organ player - made a 'fellow', st annes / lancs) In childhood had stress (and I.S.?) playing piano + making mistake(s) kind of caused major issues. JazzEdge Music Theory Online course helped! (3 mo. course, took me 4 years due to ME/CFS and head-trauma)

      S/W + vsts:
      - Ableton
      - Reason / reason rack extensions
      - BFD3 for drums -
      - SWAM strings wind brass -
      - Equator - roli
      - Cypher2 - fxpansion
      - Geoshred2 elec guitar (iPad with "studiomux" audiomux map midi realtime no bluetooth, record/playback midi in GarageBand)

      Audio Interface(s):
      - Line6UX2 (max 48k?)
      - SteinbergUR242 for 2 ls and rs in and out+phones
      - UCA222 (v cheap midi soundcard/audio interface free with umx490, lr in lr out headphone socket and vol, 48k limit)

      MIDI instruments/devices
      - Behringer UMX490 kb + sustain
      - Roli Rise24 + Rise49 seaboards + one foot pedal each
      - Behringer HDS240usb silent drumkit
      - Boss RC505 Loopstation (limit=44.1k)
      - Novation LaunchControlXL

      - 'gibson' electric guitar
      - classical guitar with lowish strings (for ease)
      + 1 little egg shaker, working on it!

      - Behringer-C1 (missing clarity at high end? really great for cello?)
      - Sennheiser e825-S (good live, all dirs, freqs, on/off switch)
      - Sennheiser e945 (tighter, slightly low high end)Seaboard Rise24, UMX490 nice keys, drums behind

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