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      Hi all

      I have one of my client who has requested me, i trigger its kick drum in his track, and wanted to get something specific, namely a Kick drums which sounds like the song here under :

      Actually i have study this one deeply, and i managed to be close, but it still doesn't match.

      I assume there are at least three layers in this one, the bass drum, the body kick, and a top kick. i have tested different technique, layering sample from different sample bank (producer choice, golden baby, RFX etc ...) no success, then i have tried to design it in "Kick 2" from sonic academy no results as well.

      the main challenge i met, is actually about the body Kick which is hitting pretty hard in the 300-1000 area and slapping.

      with the closest one i did, i use the following treatment :

      C1 Gates, boosting the floor trying to get a good slap

      UAD Neve 1073

      AVALON 2044 compressor

      Transient designer

      UAD Fairchild 670

      Parallel compression : (focusing the area from 300 to 1500) NEVE 33609

      Summing in Console SSL six, with a slight compression from the G compressor.

      This chain has brought me a good texture, but the medium is still not OK,

      If someone is able to redo it, i will glad to understand how this kick is built actually.

      Thanks for your support













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