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    Kenneth Hugh

      Johannesburg, South Africa

      Pretty new to all this mixing stuff as I thought it was reserved for the chosen few. After mixing my bands first EP a few people commented that I might be able to do this mixing thing. Making a living in the music industry is a dream I have had for 23 years and I am looking forward to giving it a bash.

      I use Sonar Cakewalk as my prefered DAW

      Currently I have only done mixes in the metal and progressive rock genres but I am keen to expand my horizons

      Favourite Plugins:
      Favourite plugins include the FAB Filter EQ, De-esser and multi band compressor. I am also fond of the LA-76, LA-2 and LA-3 compressors. The SoundID (Sonarworks Reference) is a huge help as well.

      Gear list:
      Guitar amps: Marshall JVM210 and JTM45 and EL34 50/50 Dual Monobloc, EVH 5150 III Stealth and EVH 5150 III 50W, Mesa Boogie Stiletto and Dual Rectifier, Orange Dark Terror, Peavey 6505 and Classic 20
      Multi effects: Helix Line 6 Rack
      Cabinets: 4x12 Mesa Boogie and 1x12 Mesa Boogie, 4x12 Marshal 1960a and C212, 4x12 EVH, 1x12 Orange
      Drums: Pearl Masters SST
      Compressors: Pro VLA II
      Sound Card: Clarrett 8Pre USB with Scarlett Octo Pre
      Preamp: Digital MPA II
      Control Surface: X-Touch extended by X-Touch compact
      Output: Presonus Central Station
      Monitors: VXT 6, Rockit 5 and a cheap micro-hifi
      Microphones: Shure SM57 (mexican), Lewitt 440DM, Rode NT1a and Rode NT2a, Audix fp7, Sennheiser e609 (silver face), Rode M5 (paired), AKG P220, Shure PGA81
      Guitars: Numerous 8, 7 and 6 string electric and acoustic (yes I am a guitar player :))
      Bass: 5 String Precision, 5 String Sound Gear (active)
      Headphone preamp: Mackie HM-400
      Piano: Yamaha P45B

      Gear I have my eyes on:
      I would love to get myself some high end ribbon and condenser microphones, I feel that is all that is missing.

      Social Media:
      The studio isn't on instagram or facebook yet, want to hone my skills before advertising

      Neat story:
      The only cool thing about this studio is that it took me 23 years to build it. Been chieseling away at gear and finally, by God's grace, it all came together. Time to put it to use!

      Control Room 2Control Room 1

      Live Room

      Vocal Booth

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      Koss Billingham

        I bet that sofa is a great bass trap.

        Kenneth Hugh

          LOL! It helps a lot!

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