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    Joe Jurneke

      Good morning friends and colleagues!

      Well, here is a quick summary of our humble beginnings....

      Our website is :
      Please feel free to visit and comment!

      A Brief History

      Back in the 70's I was involved with multi media sound production and loved it. But, it didn't pay real well and I did not have time to focus on it, since I was a Hardware Design Engineer at a computer peripheral manufacturer.

      I did several projects for a local television station, specifically Denver channel 9. I helped assemble the 1980 Colorado Mountain Club annual slide show gala with 12 projectors and Stereo sound held at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and several other commercial projects for marketing and advertising purposes.

      I hold 11 patents in digital signal processing and systems architecture, primarily for use in information storage and retrieval applications. I worked as an R&D Engineer and manager/director for 40+ years, developing world class storage peripheral systems for network storage and for mainframe systems. I ran a consulting business in data storage and hardware design for the last 20 years. Every project we worked on was a state of the art, bleeding edge concept. AARG! That brings us to today.

      I got involved in a hardware project to build an Audio Compressor, old school style -all analog around 2019. In order to prove the functionality, I had to run test cases against it and its competitors. I was spending a fortune at a local studio to get console time to run the test cases. Hence, I purchased a console and ran the cases on my own time. This resulted in rekindling my enjoyment of sound production and mixing once again. The endeavor ended up blooming out into more test cases, more complex situations and I found myself mixing complete songs. Overall, I had 80 test cases I had to run. Out of that, I ended up mixing about 60 complete songs. Some of these are now on SoundCloud.

      After a long and productive career in designing storage solutions, I have reached the point in life I want to rekindle having fun while working. Hence the unintentional move to recording mixing and mastering. It’s time to give back to others, and enjoy the path along the way.

      Equipment List

      Presonus Studiolive 32S Console
      Presonus Studio1 pro v 4.6 DAW integrated with SL32S
      Pro tools V12
      Izotope Nectar 3
      Izotope Ozone ADV
      Izotope RX7 Adv
      Izotope Neutron 3
      Presonus HP4 Head Amps – 2
      Mic Locker
      4 AKG C414 XL2
      2 AKG C3000
      2 AKG C4000
      4 AKG C1000
      5 AKG D5
      2 EV PL6 Circa 1975
      2 EV 96 Circa 1975
      1 Shure PGA 7pc Drum kit

      24 TB Raid 5 Data storage array
      JBL 4410a Studio near field monitors (20+ years old….)
      Audio Technica ATH-m50 and M70 Headphones
      Otari MX7800 1" 8 Channel Tape Machine
      Otari MX5050B3 1/2" 4 Channel Tape Machine
      Tascam MOd25 1/4" 1/2 Track Tape Machine

      Here is the link to Photos:

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      • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Joe Jurneke.
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