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    Joao Lebre

      Hey Folks!

      My name is Joao Lebre.
      I'm based in London, UK.

      I started young assisting in studios and touring as FOH in Portugal in my early teens as summer jobs.
      I moved to London to achieve some of my academic qualifications and was hired as head technical supervisor for a large audio engineering school. I've helped design and commission several dozen world-class studios over the space of 5 years, and was lucky enough to be invited as a guest lecturer, and flying abroad to do masterclasses on audio engineering.

      During that time, I was totally hooked on building, modifying and repairing outboard, mainly compressors. I was mostly excited to see what makes them tick and sound so different from each other.

      This was definitely the most audio-active time of my life. In 2015 I started focusing on programming things as I worked on a few games and ended up getting sucked into the large, distributed microservices world of software engineering where I did a masters course in and helped build a few multi-billion pound business platforms.

      I've been running from my studio where I do mostly mixing jobs and small recording sessions, or offer time to unsigned artists trying to get a start in the industry. I'm also a semi-pro session drummer with a number of EPs and singles under my belt, and this year is definitely turning out to be more busy on the music side than the software side 🙂

      DAW of Choice: Protools
      Genres you primarily work with: Rock, Pop, Indie, Metal. Some Orchestral
      Favorite plugins: you wouldn't find me in a desert island without FabFilter, SoundToys, console_E, and UAD Reverbs
      Gear List:
      - SM57, Beta57, Beta92, Neumann KM84 clones, Sontronic Microphones, Aston Microphones, AKG C12 Clone
      - Apollo x8p interfaces, Axe-FX, Behringer P16 monitoring system
      - Focals Trio6 BE, Avantone auratones, TC Clarity M
      - API525, SSL 4K Channel Comps, SSL4K Mix Buss Compressor, Custom NEVE 1073+1084 bands EQ, Neve 33609, custom dual LA2A with custom T4B cells
      - Musicman Guitars, Ibanez Basses, Sonor Drums, Meinl and Sabian cymbals.

      What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently?
      - Sonor Vintage kit, the new Benny Greb snares, a VK titanium snare
      - Royer 121(s), Earthworks Snare Microphone, Earthworks overheads
      - Eurorack stuff. Namely Intellijel and Erica Synths stuff
      - Sabian HHX Complex set
      - 3 Presonus Eris + Tremblor to be able to accept surround mixes that come my way
      - A low-frequency absorber that can deal with 40-50Hz antinodes
      - Apollo twin quad for on the go mixing
      - Maybe sell some of my current setup on my desk for an S4 🙂

      Social Media links:
      IG: jplebre
      Facebook: jplebre drums

      Cool things about the studio:
      - Some of the DIY gear I've made use salvaged parts from the actual OG compressors. e.g. the 33609 has some of the old capacitors from a 33609C and the transformers that came from a unit that was sold for parts.
      - While trying to build my LA2A, I've tried many on the market T4B cells and ended up building my own with NOS old military components. It's a one of a kind pair of LA2A 🙂
      - I officially have given up hardware mixing, and most of the hardware I do have is for sentimental value and used only on the way in.
      - My current studio is in a garage, cozy enough for 3 people 🙂
      Caffeinated Audio Studio - 2019

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