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    Jay Peters

      Hi all,
      This is my studio which I built last year from the foundations to the internals.
      I’m compiling a series of short youtube videos at the moment so I can share my experience with all you PLAPer guys and girls .
      I’m mixing ITB these days and I’ve used many DAW’s from Steinberg Pro12 on the ATARI to Pro Tools, but as of 10yrs ago I’m a Studio One convert and one happy bunny.

      DAW: Studio One 4 Pro, running Windows 10 Intel i7
      I/O unit: Presonus 192
      D/A converters: Lavry DA10
      Speakers: Focal Solo 6 BE and Auratone mix cube
      Behringer V-verb pro rev2496
      TL Audio EQ-3012 Crimson Series

      Lauten LA120
      Sennheiser e602-II
      Sennheiser 421
      SM 57
      Lewit Pure
      Shure Unidyne B
      Audio Technica ATM-10

      Faderport 16 Control surface
      Presonus Atom Pad controller
      Novation Impulse Keyboard

      Breedlove Atlas
      Taylor 214CE
      Gibson Midtown
      Gibson Les Paul
      Tokai Telecaster
      PRS SE Soapbar
      Recording King Dobro
      Ibanez Radius 440
      Yamaha Bass
      Bespoke built Stratocaster

      Studio Pics

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