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      Hi PLAPA!
      Here's my attempt to mix 'Know when to walk away'.
      I tried to more or less copy Mark Needhams mix with stock Cubase plug ins and some Soundtoys, Softtube and free plug ins, and add a little bit of creativity to that.
      The main thing of this course is getting a less bright, warmer mix.

      Patrick Peeters

        Hey Patrick,

        Nice and warm mix, fat kick sound!

        Kind regards,
        Patrick P.


          Thanks Patrick P.!
          It was very enlightening to see and hear how Mark Needham makes a way darker mix than the original one and still keeping it present.
          But I found it not easy to copy...

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          Scott Chandler

            That's really good. Are you throwing a little saturation in the 4:20 mark? Nice and fat and creative!


              Thanx Scott!
              Do you mean the guitar in the endsection?
              That extra distortion is already in the guitartrack.

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