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      Hi my name is James Bird, I'm 33 years old. Occupation (General Builder, but really hoping to be able to compose full time, the sooner the better)
      South of England in Dorset. Blandford more specifically.

      I have been mixing/producing seriously for the last year although I have played Guitar for about 10 with the first 2 of those years being classicaly trained with a guitar teacher.

      My ultimate goal is to compose for film/tv/game, I will compose my own material for any genre although I can not sing so this drives me to work with
      cinematic - orchestral - instrumental rock & metal genres primarily, recently over the last week I have been really interested in producing Dubstep/EDM (electronic music) as the techniques are fascinating to me. But I will mix anything I can get my hands on.

      Studio Equipment
      I'm Running MacbookPro Mid2015 2.8Ghz Quad Core, 16gb RAM with Logic X, My first experience with a DAW was FLStudio9.
      Scarlett Focusrite 18i20 3rdGen, I always used an Apogee DuetII which has pre-amps superior to the 18i20 but this lacked enough inputs for me in the end
      M-Audio Keystation88 Midi Keyboard
      M-audio BX5 Studio Monitors with Sonarworks Treatment. (can't hear low end without it...literally)
      Acoustic Energy speakers, not sure of model but it comes with sub that I use as my second set of monitors for checking my mixes on
      Sennheiser HD650's for occasionaly mixing
      Beyerdynamic DT770 M 80ohm for tracking
      ArtTube MP (really useful!)
      Radial JDI passive DI Box

      Instruments & Amps
      I have 1 guitar of each, Classical, Electric, Bass, Full Sized Steel String.
      Laney IronHeart IRT15H - it has a 1Watt input, ideal for home studio with Laney Closed Back 2x12 Cab
      Roland VGA3, purchased off a friend 10 years ago, hardly gets used but I can not part with it
      1 Guitar Pedal - Boss GE7 for further tone shaping on my guitar amp, I use it in loop, (essential pedal for me, was too noisy though so I modded it)

      Mics -
      1x SM57
      1x Sontronics STCX3 LDC
      2x Pencil Mics STC10 SDC, used for stereo pair
      1x T-Bone RB500 ribbon mic, for it's price, it is simply amazing! I am definitely buying another
      1x Md421, for pairing with the 57 mainly for my guitar recordings
      1x Sonarworks Mic

      Apart from picks, cables and patchbay and tuners, Ebow, capos etc... that is just about it!

      My wishlist at the moment is some nice Studio Monitors, I have not researched enough to be able to name a specific speaker.
      A nice steel string acoustic guitar, mine are un-recordable because of a high harsh e string which is destroying my recordings.
      Lewitt 640TS
      I really want to fill my empty rack out with some nice outboard gear, but really have no idea what to fill it with, so it remains empty.
      A midi controller of some kind with perhaps faders and pads so I can make my midi lines more expressive by feel.


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      Liara Stavlo

        Love the lighting here!


          It's a HUE LED bulb that is connected to my alexa. when I want to eat I say "Alexa studio light white" and it goes really bright that I can see what I'm doing, but when I want to work in the studio i put it back to purple "alexa studio light purple", I like to work in this light for some reason I feel like I can work for twice as long.

          And thank you Liara Stavio!

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