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    James Beeson

      Here's my current setup, oriented to production, mixing/re-mixing and electronic composition and recording. I call it "Sonic Studio".

      Studio Hardware
      Apple MacBook Pro
      Apple iPad
      Studio One 5 DAW
      Yamaha HS7 nearfield monitors (Sonarworks room corrected)
      Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface
      Antelope Audio Edge Solo Modelling Mic
      Arturia Keylab 61

      Synths and sound sources
      Arturia MiniBrute 2S Semi-modular analog synth and sequencer
      Elektron Digitone FM synth and sequencer
      Elektron Model:Cycles FM Percussion synth and sequencer
      Elektron Model:Samples sample player and sequencer
      Arturia V-Collection 7
      Roland Cloud
      Arturia Pigments
      VCV-Rack and Voltage Modular Virtual Modular systems
      UJAM Solid virtual drummer
      UJAM Royal virtual bassist

      Mixing plugins (non-Presonus)
      FabFilter Pro-Q3
      SSL Native Collection (channel strip, drumstrip, vocalstrip, compressor, eq, bus compressor/limiter)
      Arturia Pre-amp collection
      Arturia Delay collection
      Arturia Reverb collection
      Melodyne pitch and timing correction
      BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor

      Nicholas Jackson

        Lovely lighting too. James, did you get on well with Sonarworks? I had a demo copy but didn't get round to using it! Did you buy the condenser mic?


        Isn't FabFilter Q3 brilliant?

        James Beeson

          Hi Nicholas,

          Thank you. Lighting is courtesy of Philips Hue ??

          I bought the Headphone Edition of Sonarworks and I have to say it’s pretty transformational if I need to sound design, record or mix in headphones. Honestly it’s a game changer for me, and I won’t have any patience with the haters!!

          I haven’t corrected the room as I’m not recording any non-electronic sources, and the correlation between my treated headphones and the monitors is good to my ears at least (I’ve reduced the low frequencies via the rear switches).



          Nicholas Jackson

            Thanks for the reply James. We're huge fans of Philips Hue here as well in the house, but as the lamps are about £50 a piece and I've got twelve GU-10s in the studio I baulked!

            Great advice on Sonarworks, I'll research further. I do a lot of live instruments so it's quite a bugbear for me. Thanks for sharing.

            James Beeson

              FabFilter Q3 is just awesome. It’s such a great problem solver. I tend to use it in 2 ways; after a channel strip (compression and broad-brush eq) as a surgical tool to make space or get rid of nasty frequencies, and to get the kick, bass and low-end synths to play together nicely - using the sidechain dynamic eq or to highlight contending frequencies and make some space. Truly awesome plugin.

              Nicholas Jackson

                Yes indeed!

                Mark Beeson

                  Really nice setup James. Good last name too.

                  James Beeson

                    @mark Ha! Hello - another US-based Beeson I've discovered. Pretty unusual name here in the UK (I've only ever met 2 other non-family Beeson's).

                    Nicholas Jackson

                      It's the PLAP Beeson club!

                      James another Q if I may. Are you happy with Melodyn? I tried the demo Waves Tune and really found it to be a bit clunky, particularly the GUI. Is it good on ease of use?

                      James Beeson

                        Hi Nick,

                        So I'm using the Melodyne Essential version that comes bundled with my Presonus Sphere Studio One Pro package. So far, I've only used it for sample tempo adjustment, and not for vocal or instrument corrections - but I'm planning to do some guitar/vocals soon.

                        It's a slightly odd/old UI (like some of the Waves plugins can be too!) but the functionality is faultless so far - and the integration with the Studio One audio editor is seamless too. Melodyne seems to be pretty-much the go-to software for audio adjustment - so maybe try a demo if possible?


                        James Beeson
                          Nicholas Jackson

                            Thanks v much!

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