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      Hi there,
      I'm considering offering distant mixing services but would like to know if any of you have already tried or are into this business?
      Is it really working? What are the greatest challenges? Is it realistic to expect labels/artists to send you their multi-tracks? Any benefit over local/physical collaboration?

      Lee Hawkins

        I think it is feasible to offer this service but I am not convinced there is a working market for it. The technical issues are easy to deal with but the client/mixer relationship is one that's usually based on a lot of trust that is built up over time.

        The level of ability is vast too so this puts clients off.

        I am not sure serious artists or labels will just pick someone off the internet that has no track record and ask them to mix their song.. So track record is probably the only thing that makes you stand out from the competition. How do you get that experience?

        Interesting discussion. More people need to contribute with their thoughts.

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        Rich Zei

          I think it's a model that can work, primarily for independent or tight budget artists. Like Lee, I don't think a major (or minor for that matter) label will send tracks to someone from the internet to mix. There would be security/NDA's to sign and the like. That said, once a Mix engineer has developed a sufficient track record I see no reason that they couldn't submit some sort of "resume" to a label to get work that way.

          Warren Huart

            Hi guys, great thread! I want us to break down those stereotypes. I think ultimately it is about building a resume, however just the other day a label asked for a left of center mix that I don't do so I recommended someone I knew who didn't have the traditional resume but would do an amazing job! Times ae changing for the best! Let's just all get amazing!! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

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              I've been doing mixing remotely for a job for around 5 months now and I've had some major ups, major downs. I was kinda forced into it after being offered a tour I couldn't turn down with my band and losing my day job as a consequence.

              I tend to attract clients through my name as a frontman in a band so that's one of my main angles, though recently I've had people just approach me randomly.

              My advice is to offer a lot of services. I'll write drums for people, edit drums, write music etc... If you're priced reasonably and your work is good then you have half a chance. You need to undercut the competition, but not price yourself too cheap. So if a mixer starting out charges $80 for a track, charge $80 but offer them the quality of somebody twice the price and move up from there.

              I'm really starting to look into expanding my client base which is why I'm on here. Ultimately it's about starting good working relationships with musicians, delivering a result that exceeds their expectations and stops them wanting to go elsewhere. A year or two down the line, they'll come back for another album.

              The hardest part is getting started. Getting your initial client base. Contact people, offer them a track mixed for free as long as they advertise you and tag you in it. Things like music videos etc.

              It can be done though. I'm determined to prove it over the next few years! lol

              Magnus Johansson

                Would like this thread to take off. Very interesting. I had another reply in the making when I found It has mixing engineers, producers, musicians in all price ranges. Found mixing "engineers" charging as low as 50$ per song. But also very pro award winning people.

                Anybody here that was over at crowdaudio before it closed? They had what I think a very good idea. Some things they did though wasnt that well thought out. I have a couple of ideas about how a crowdaudio successor site could look when it comes to features. Plapa would be the perfect platform for such a service.

                Cris Sabater Sabater

                  Hi guys, I do exactly this all the time so I guess I am a real working example of it. I mostly mix and master for my band who I happened to meet all online and we have never met either! But we all get on and are in the process of put an album together. The big word is trust! These guys are good producers and I also help a lot in production but they trust me totally to deliver every time and I do. Two of the guys are from Hannover in Germany and also have a post punk band. Because I mix and master for them they asked if I could master their up coming album which I was happy to do.
                  I have worked with others through recommendation but I also hear the arguments that you need to meet the people too. For me both methods work and we live in a world that is very different from just a couple of years ago! You change with the times or you get left behind simple as really. I always embrace change because it is good and keeps you on your toes!!
                  So I think pask74 should give it a go, why not? There is no hiding place in music and mixing if you know what you are doing it will show. Like Warren says have a good resume and keep building on it as that is your calling card and is how I got my approach. They asked me to master a song for them then asked for a mix and master after that and the rest followed on. Always be confident in your abilities you can still communicate via skype and other media. Don't let distances get in your way!

                  Cheers guys,


                  Cris Sabater Sabater

                    clancychris has the right idea when he says offer lots of services! I do anything from editing parts to helping with arrangement ideas. My background as a teacher helps me tremendously as I am able to give others confidence and this helps. Check out what others are charging and I bet it will be a lot less than you might think! Be prepared to work for not very much sometimes as the market is getting saturated especially with unsigned bands who can afford little which is the domain I work in. Be prepared to work in different genres too as this will expand your scope. I work as a sports coach also so mixing is not my only job. You have to keep realistic and know that making money to live is the first requirement especially if you have a family as I do. Love what you do and if you do then it will look after you! Very true words there!

                    Cheers guys,


                    Jared Sherman

                      I had never heard of before this thread. Very interesting. Has anyone ever had any dealings with that website before either by using or offering services there? Are there any other similar kind of sites like that out there?

                      Rich Zei

                        Just curious, with all the talent here in the academy if this situation presented itself again would you consider referring one of us?

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