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    Kian Sparke

      Hey all, just a quick Q and call for any advice.

      I'm on a tight (really tight as the wife is watching... ?) budget but I'm thinking of a new interface.

      Currently I'm using and 'old' LINE 6 KB37 - it's been great and it has a good MIDI keyboard on it; but I'm not convinced the preamps are much good for guitars and vocals: I've got some pretty good results over the years, but I'm starting to feel the tech might have moved on and I'm fighting with older gear to try and get consistent/great sounds!?!

      Anybody got any thoughts on the LINE 6 KB37?

      I've been thinking of getting a Focusrite pre - any thoughts or alternatives?


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      Tres Seaver

        Kian, I don't know if you're still looking, but Focusrite sells refurb models direct, usually for $50 - $70 off list. Check out the "Clearance" section on their site.


        Kian Sparke

          Hi Tres, thanks for the info.

          I’ll check it out! ?

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