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    Loren Knight

      I know many people don't think much of FL Studio as it is often called "Not professional" or "A toy".

      Well, FL Studio is in version 12 with the v12.3 in beta. While only a Window program at the moment the Mac version is getting done.

      So what is FL Studio? It is a full fledged DAW with a non-linier work flow. It is true that it is not live recording studio centric but it is fully capable of fulfilling that role, IF you are willing to do some things differently. Some people call FL Studio has a creative music creation package in the guise of a DAW. Indeed, most users do compose in FL Studio.

      So why would a studio engineer that isn't an EDM producer be at all interested in FL Studio? I can't say for sure but here are some things to consider. Recently it has won some world wide polls as most popular DAW, running against pretty much every DAW on the list of DAW in the top of THIS forum. Does that make it the most popular DAW in high end pro studios? Of course not. I does mean the among a world wide audience of people participating in the polls by Future Music Magazine (and some others) it is winning. I think that means something and perhaps indicates a large facet of the music world that all those in music should give some attention to. There are reasons it most popular in the general population.
      It has a highly functional piano roll. Many call it the best in all DAWs. Image Line has some great plugins, and some killer synths.
      I'll point out two really interesting things that should be of real interest in any producer looking to expand into the world of EDM, which is what FL Studio greatly excels at.
      1) It is a one time investment for life. Buy once and get Lifetime Free Upgrades. All version, all updates, always and forever. The licensing and registration system is also very simple.
      2) FL Studio can run as a VST inside your preferred DAW. You can think of it as a super plug-in. If you like, think of it as the most insane super synth with full FX hosting, sequencing and mixing if you like.
      3) The on-line community is very good and the actual designers and staff participate in the forum. I came to FL Studio because of my direct interaction with the COO who helped my get FL6 installed and explained the version upgrades. They don't do things like the others in the market despite many people saying they should. Things like, you should do this like this DAW and that like that DAW. They miss the point. Many people are attracted to FL specifically because the alternative workflow fits their way of thinking. Some people switch from other DAWs because what FL can do what others don't. There are also a lot of producers out there that use FL and another DAW (often S1) to round out their capabilities. There are people do monstrously large full orchestral composing on FL Studio, professionally, for film and television.

      I am moving to S1 because it is going to work better for multi-tracking and comping. But I will always have FL Studio on my system. And why not? I never have to pay another dime for upgrades and updates for the rest of my life and it does keep getting better.

      (Knot Hardly) Jay

        FL Studio was the first DAW i got back in 2005. it was a real pain back then and still is today imo. love the lifetime free updates and it has gotten a little better over the years. to me it is very clunky and non-intuitive... i reckon because it started off as a drum sequencer i think it was. i still keep it around because i like it for creating midi parts and recently started trying it out as a rewire plugin in other DAWs like a big ol' midi sequencer which i think is it's forte and that strength is probably why so many love it with the EDM crowd 🙂 cheers

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