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    Mark Warner

      Ian Shepherd​ very kindly did a one-off master for me of a track I produced last year for Nine Circles​ so I could listen to the differences and compare my mix with his master. I have to say he was spot on! Once I listened to my fake master with his comments I could hear that I had trashed it totally in the HF region. Interestingly, to me, he also chose to increase the bass level, something I have had been careful to mix down due to many people saying I mix bass too loud, oh well I will get it right one day 🙂 To me the master feels less cold, less harsh and more rounded. It feels like the snare stayed roughly the same but everything else was brought up around it to balance much better and that some aspects have become a little clearer or less cluttered. For example I can hear the dynamic delay in places now that I couldn't before.
      Ian's master is below and below that is my fake master. Ian says "..... my {his} master is louder than the mix, or your [fake] master - for an objective comparison of the way this will sound in loudness “managed” situations, especially online, people should reduce the level of my master by 5.8 dB compared to the mix, or 1.7 dB compared to your master."
      I don't know how this information will translate through the medium of Soundcloud so if anyone wants to do proper comparison message me and I will send the WAVs.
      I am very pleased with Ian's results and it again supports my view that mastering should be done by another person with a fresh perspective and ears.

      Fake master

      Arthur Labus

        Great insight !
        Thanks for sharing Mark

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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