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    Kaleb Treacy

      Hey Guys,

      This is a tough one for me so I'm going to try and do my best to explain. I've just finished a mini rack with a EQ, Compressor and a couple of guitar FX all going to a normalised patchbay. My problem now is that I can't seem to get Pro Tools to send back to my interface (Allen and Heath ZED R-16) and the R-16 to send through the insert jack to the patchbay with an insert cable.

      I thought it'd be as simple as sending a say bass to a bus, flicking an insert point that the compressors at on that bus and I'd be hearing/seeing the compressor working. Except when I pick an insert on the bus, the bass that was pumping through suddenly gets cancelled out.

      I can playback through 2 channels as they act as one stereo channel so I can hear whats going on, but after I set 2 as my mains to my speakers, I can't set anymore to play back through. Maybe that's my problem.

      Is anyone familiar with this console and/or knows how to get insert jacks to work?

      Hope that makes sense,

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      Nick D.

        have you verified that the insert cable is split to the proper send/return on the patch bay? its easy to get those backwards... you should be able to have the insert at the patch bay with no outboard connected and send signal thru the cable in a properly setup normalled bay.

        Kaleb Treacy

          You know what. That was it combined with enabling the insert switch on the channel. I've been messing round with a few cables and worked out Red is return, but my new Mogami one that I had made up has Red as send.

          Cheers mate, I realise how thick I must have sounded!

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