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      Talent, writing, recording, producing, mastering, distributing, video production, and marketing are not enough. Some sort of magic has to happen. I wish I knew how to attain that.

      This is the most beautiful cover of a 1965 Seekers the song, I'll Never Find Another You. Melanie knows how to make a song her own. The power in her voice is inspiring. The guitar work and orchestration are wonderful. The video takes the song to a new level.

      I'd just thought that I'd share this youtube link and hopefully bring a smile to some faces. Play it LOUD.

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      Just Lisa

        It's probably that emotional connection that is key. It made me cry.
        But... the vocal isn't my thing, so it won't be going into any playlists.

        I listen to these guys because I know the mandolin player; his mother is a friend of mine. Once again, high production, quality material, but ... not really my thing. This new one is really beautiful but it won't be in a playlist either.
        The Founding "Hush"
        : )

        Warren Huart

          This is a such huge question! Agreed, it definitely starts with a great song! Then, yes, you have to get people's attention! Unfortunately many great songs languish and may never get their due, they need someone to bring them alive, the right singer, combined with the right production is huge!


            The record that almost never got made. Brian May describes to his pal Rick Wakeman how Queen struggled to make Night At The Opera. They had great songs but had trouble shopping them. Management and record companies almost did them in. A stolen copy of Bohemian Rhapsody played on the radio showed the record company that it could get air time ( In this case, the stars aligned. It could have just as easily gone the other way.


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