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    Rich Zei

      OK so I am having a really difficult time figuring out HOW to add a sample . Not importing the track, but to say replace or enhance an existing kick drum with one of Warren's or someone else's (Slate/AD/self recorded/etc.).

      Prolly a n00b question, but its driving me nuts.



      Jeff Macdonald

        Generally you will need a sample replacement plugin like Drumagog or Trigger 2. Using this you can load samples into the player and it will automatically detect the original hits and replace them.

        You can do it manually by tabbing to transient in your DAW and pasting the sampled hit each time, but this is very time consuming and you will likely end up using a replacement plug in about 1/2 through the first attempt at this.

        Here is a link to a site that shows you some options: http://www.drumwerks.com/free_drum_replacement_software.html

        As far as using the plug in you can use as an insert on the drum track to fully replace that sound. Run it as an Send to use it in parallel to augment your original drums, or copy the original drum track and use the insert method on the copied track to achieve parallel augmentation as well.

        I hope this helps.



        Jared Sherman

          As far as replacing with some WAV sample, if you are using Pro Tools, probably the easiest way would be the SoundReplacer AudioSuite plugin. The way to do that would be to duplicate say your inside kick drum track, then select the entire waveform for that duplicated track (consolidate first if the audio is broken into sections). Then select AudioSuite plugins / SoundReplacer and search on your hard drive for the sample you want, adjust the trigger level to get all the kick transients and reject everything else, then render the plugin. Once it is rendered, check to make sure it got all the kick hits properly throughout the song, then once you have verified this, move the sample track to where the transient and phase lines up properly with the original track. Now you can blend the original kick with the sampled kick to taste, and that is all.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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