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    Mark Towse

      Hi Guys,

      Looking to get my first home studio monitors. Been looking around and the Yamaha HS5 / hs8 seems to be good, but I'm surprised by how low priced they are - does anyone have experience using them, or know of a better quality / sound range speaker for this type of usage. My budget could be up to $700 for a pair, a pair of HS5's / hs8's is more like $300 / $450 which seemed quite low. Does anyone have any recommendations for the upper limit of my budget??

      many thanks,


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      face (chris) Janton

        Kali IN-8 ? assuming you have the space.
        Warren's review -

        Nigel Anderson

          I think these would be a good choice,

          I have the Adam A7X and they sound great, I used to mix on the HS8s, but i found my mixes ended up too dull sounding with them. I'm glad i made the change.

          I hope this is of some help.



          Mark Towse

            that's great, will have a look in to them.
            Many thanks


            Nigel Anderson

              I hope it works out for you 🙂

              John Moriarty

                I picked up a pair of the Yamaha HS7s about 6 months ago and I'm completely happy with them. I was debating between the HS5/HS7/HS8 and with the size of my room (about 12x14) I settled with the mid size of the bunch. They sound fantastic. The mixes and sounds I get now are translating much better to other audio sources when compared to my previous set of Tannoys. Those Kali IN-8s look like a fantastic choice, as well.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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