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    Roger Menso


      I've recently jumped from Mixbus2 to MB32c as a long time Pro Tools user. One thing I'd like to know is has anyone managed to hook up a USB/MIDI control surface to handle the eq knobs, sends, etc? Specifically has anyone got a BCR2000 to do this job? I have a BCF2000 which works great on the channel faders, pan, etc but I'd love even more of the hardware interface to go along with the analog style of the DAW.

      In PT I've always used a DIGI002 desk and Command 8 as my surfaces and I use them all the time. The Behringer gear isn't as smooth but it's still pretty good.



      Fabio Minuzzi

        Hey Roger,

        I have the 32c as well.
        For those things you might look at Facebook for Guy called Russell Cottier here is his FB-Link

        I think he knows how you might can hookup things in Mixbus

        Fabio Minuzzi

          but i still use Pro Tools because Mixbus is very unstable, yet

          Tres Seaver

            Roger, I've been able to wire up knobs on my USB keyboard / controller to drive a channel fader. Mixbus has pretty good support for the various controller APIs (OSC, Mackie, etc.) via Ardour (see Harrison's videos on control surfaces).

            Russell Cottier has been working on a cool project this fall prototyping a custom controller.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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