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      Dear All,

      Maybe I am going crazy, or my ears are, but Mojave sounds positively different than El Capitan - same hardware, same music, it is tinnier, more mono-ish, as if the stereo field has collapsed. The system is the same, booting Mojave from an external drive, El Capitan is on the main drive.

      I have been using SonarWorks on El Capitan for years. There is an audible, but not a major difference on and off.

      On Mojave, without SonarWorks, music practically becomes mono. Turning on SonarWorks makes a huge difference in both sound texture and stereo image, but it still sounds like someone ate the meat off of the bones of the sound.

      I don't have practically anything installed on Mojave, yet, and play back on Quicktime Player, so there should be no interference.

      Any thoughts would be much appreciated!



        I was wrong in my belief that computers are deterministic machines.

        So, it turned out that SonarWorks bypassed wasn't the same as routing audio directly to the audio interface. Hmmm... Why is SonarWorks processing the audio, if it is bypassed?

        So, reinstalled SonarWorks - and the artefacts are gone.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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