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    Andrew (AKA Ajay)
      Mike Morrison

        Hey Andrew! 🙂

        Love the photo of you at the top with the drumstick. Brilliant!

        Audio samples sound really good. The Soundcloud module feels a bit cramped in the width of the page, but it ain't broken and the tracks get the message across about your skills.

        Submitted the contact form to test it out. Seemed to work from this side of things.

        It might be different in Australia, but the spelling of "powerfull" on the Recording page is a bit archaic and commonly considered a misspelling these days here in the U.S. That's a bit nitpicky, and I only mention it because some clients take attention to detail on our websites as an indication of how detailed we do our production work.

        On the other hand, your whole approach kinda has this great 'no apologies' rock-and-roll vibe, so maybe it doesn't matter? 😀

        Rock on, fellow Animal fan!

        Andrew (AKA Ajay)

          Hi Mike,

          Thank you SO much for taking the time to checkout my website, I really appreciate your feedback!

          I returned your email from the contact form you tested, did you get it?

          Thanks again, PLAPA's RULE!!!


          Mike Morrison

            Hi Ajay,

            Yes, received your reply email. Sorry for the delayed response. Couple of busy days here!


            Mark Beeson

              Great site Andrew.

              Andrew (AKA Ajay)

                Thanks so much Mark!

                Joe Jurneke

                  Great Site! I like it a lot! Well done

                  Andrew (AKA Ajay)

                    Thanks for checking it out everyone!

                    Paul Motion

                      Heya Andrew, great work on the site. I love seeing fellow PLAPAs able to do this for reals!
                      A couple of quick things I spotted, (love the Warren endorsement. 😀 )...
                      Home page:
                      In the first bit of About Me blurb you say 30 years and the second About Me bit you repeat that but say 20 years.
                      Photos are great. If you can change the Alt Text for them to something a bit better than the filename of the photo I reckon that would be good.
                      The top menu bar is great for navigation and good to have it sticky at the top. I would add links to the photos as well in the same order, so the one with you on the drums as Recording, then Blog then Book Online with you looking through the kit. Do you know what I mean?
                      Is the "Find out what's new + arrow" supposed to link somewhere? Implies that it does but doesn't actually....
                      Recording page:
                      Agree with Mike on the spelling of "Powerfull". It is nit picking but people pick up on that stuff... 😐
                      Blog page:
                      I would add more individual photos of your studio, set up, gear etc...... pictures tell a thousand words blah blah blah.

                      I hope that helps.. great stuff just getting this far!

                      Andrew (AKA Ajay)

                        Thanks Paul, that all really helps!

                      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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